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Easy Coupons
Coupon savings without having to clip and carry all those little slips of paper!

Here are some websites where you can put in your Kroger ID number for your Kroger card, then pick out which coupons you might want to use. It'll load them onto your Kroger card and you don't have to cut out anything.�It will�just ring them up at the store.�

Proctor & Gamble, Cellfire, Shortcuts

grocery ad Price Match
Flip through the sales papers and pick out items that are a good price, but instead of riding around to several stores to get each of their deals go to one store show them the ad for each item and ask them to match the price. Many grocery stores, such as Wal-mart, have a price matching policy that works just that way.

Bonus: you can get the sales paper in the Corner News which is available free.�
You can also view online circulars here .

loaf of Sunbeam Bread Cheap Bread
Get Sunbeam bread, buns, rolls, etc at the bread store in Opelika. The prices are great and it is the same bread you would find on the shelf of the grocery store. If you can't eat it immediately, bread freezes well and thaws out as fresh as when you put it in the freezer.

Best days to shop are Monday and Thursday when the bread truck brings new shipments.
Angel Food Ministry - A Food Ministry With a Servant's Heart
This is a program to provide quality food at a reduced price. The idea is that you order a "box" of food for $30 and you receive much more food in this box than you would get at the grocery store for the same price. You can go to to view the current month's menu and locate local distribution points (we have two in Auburn currently). Anyone is welcome to take part in this program, regardless of income or other considerations. Angel Food now offers senior/convenience boxes (fully cooked meals you just heat and go) seafood boxes, and allergen-free boxes (Processed to eliminate the eight top serious allergens: Peanuts, Soybeans, Milk, Eggs, Fish, Crustacea, Tree Nuts and Gluten)
Good Meat
AU has a sales showroom at the University meat laboratory that has good prices on beef, pork, eggs, and now chicken! From what I've heard, this is fresher, better quality meat than you are going to find in the grocery store and they have a section of frozen meat that is always 20% off. Located at Lambert-Powell Meats Laboratory, 500 Shug Jordan Pky. Auburn, AL. 36849 (Near the intersection of Shug and Wire Rd) Open Mon-Thur, 2-5pm and Fri 11am-5pm. 334-844-1566
Auburn University Fish Market
Auburn University has a fish market where I hear they often have good prices on shrimp. It's located on N College St, by the fish ponds. Open Saturday mornings.
Fresh Local Produce
An affordable CSA in auburn provides fresh local vegetables.

I have in the past tried "couponing" and it went something like this...I take the time to go out and buy a newspaper, come home flip through it and find maybe two or three coupons I am interested in, clip them out and put them in my purse (you know so I don't forget them), get to the store, buy the item (that I might not would have bought without the coupon), but between the kids asking for all the neat stuff they have near the checkout and me realizing, oh my gosh, I've been in here for two hours and I'm running late I check out and realize I forgot to give the coupon to the clerk about the time I get to my car....FAIL

I have recently, through the efforts of other wonderful bloggers realized that I was going about things all wrong, and that using coupons could in fact help with my grocery bill. Seems that in addition to my previous method, I need to know when to use coupons (when items are on sale), which coupons to use (printable, store coupon, manufacturer's, multiples). While this sounds like to much effort for my feeble brain and limited time I also found that these wonderful bloggers I speak of were willing to do most of the work for me. They lay out which items are a good price, which coupons to use with it, where to find the coupons, if there is a rebate available, etc etc. It has helped me tremendously and I would recommend anyone who is trying to reduce their grocery budget without reducing their food supply to check out these websites.

Southern Savers - This is my favorite for looking at what's available at Kroger, she also does a good job on Walgreen's and CVS scenarios
Money Saving Mom - General Blog about saving money
Deal Seeking Mom - Has a list of Walmart Deals in addition to other grocery stores
Saving Your Cents - Has a list for Target and Kmart in addition to other stores

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